23 October 2011

Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship

In this case, it's Michelle Bachmann's entire campaign in New Hampshire just quit on her:
Staff members in New Hampshire for Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann have resigned en masse, a Republican familiar with the situation said on Friday, in a fresh blow to her 2012 hopes.

The Republican had few details, but news reports in New Hampshire said the resignations included her New Hampshire campaign manager, Jeff Chidester.

Bachmann, campaigning in Iowa, sowed some confusion by saying she was unaware of the resignations.

Manchester's Union Leader newspaper said Chidester, a conservative activist and radio talk show host, left due to frustration with Bachmann's national campaign, not with the candidate herself.
Bachmann has a long history of churning through staff the way that Rush Limbaugh churns through Oxycontin.

This is a not unexpected development.


Big Brother said...

Actually, rats a somewhat cute, make good pets, cooperate, and serve a valuble roll in the world.

The only similarlity they have with reactionairies is the carrying of plague.

Matthew G. Saroff said...

You left out another similarity:  Rats cannot throw up, so no matter how toxic whatever they consume is, it remains inside them.

Much like the 'Phant mind.

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