09 August 2011

Wisconsin Recall Update

As it stands right now, 2 Republicans were recalled, and 3 survived the vote, and one race, the race between Alberta Darling (R) and Sandy Pasch (D), is too close to call.

I'm not going to be up late enough to call this, but considering the fact that part of the district is in Waukesha County, where Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus mysteriously found a few thousand votes for Supreme Court Justice David Prosser in April, I'm going to say that a surprisingly robust turnout from Waukesha County county will likely have 'Phant winning.

Nicklaus is either incompetent or corrupt, but each time something comes up, the irregularities cut in favor or Republicans, so I'll go with corrupt.

This means that the Republicans will maintain control of the Senate, which is a bummer.

Yes, recalls are hard, and the performance was historically good, these were Republican leaning districts, and the elections were close, but this is going to be spun as a Republican victory by the media and the conventional wisdom.

I will bet heavy odds that in the next few weeks, a senior administration official will be anonymously quoted excoriating the grass roots over wasting all that money and effort, just like they did over the Blanche Lincoln primary challenge.

In any case, I am turning off the teevee and going to bed.

(Morning update via mobile)
Confirmed. Only two pickups. Damn.


Old Pinko said...

Let's hope that the grass roots totally ignores any criticism and keeps on agitating and showing up in the town hall meetings and on the streets. We may need to take back the Democratic Party from the ground up.

Matthew G. Saroff said...

Looking at the margins, if the Obama apparatus had made even a token effort of support, we would have picked either one or 2 more seats.

But they put the kibosh on this, because Obama is the Manchurian candidate.

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