25 October 2007

S-Chip is Back

It has has been tweaked a bit, and made more restrictive.
Under the revisions, the program would exclude families earning more than three times the federal poverty rate. Low-income childless adults, which some states cover, would be phased out in one year. And states would have to be more rigorous in checking the validity of applicants' Social Security numbers, an effort to exclude illegal immigrants.
I don't know if it will pick up the requisite 13 votes, but if it the two "Democrats" who voted to support Bush's veto, Gene Taylor (MS) and Jim Marshall (GA) they should be voted off the island. Any money spent on their races by the DCCC is a waste.

What's more, there should be no more accommodations. If there is no veto override, change a comma, and come back in a month. This program has something like a 2:1 support ratio among Republithugs, so there is no need to move toward them.

Not one step back. Be the Energizer bunny, and keep going...and going... and goineg..


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