19 January 2020

A New Frontier in Editorial Incoherence

The New York Times editorial board REALLY wanted to endorse Amy Klobuchar, despite the fact that she has never been able to break 3%.

My theory is that they are impressed that she is a complete and utter turd to her staff, and they want a kiss-up/kick-down kind of person.

So, instead, they endorsed both Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, to avoid mockery. (No link, they don't deserve my minuscule traffic)

If you find the OP/ED, it's just a Google away, you will note that their endorsement of Warren is an exercise in negging. ("Gifted Storyteller", etc.)

The editorial board of the Times is more than comfortable with the status quo, which does pretty well for people like them, so they want more of the same, just without Trump.


Unknown said...

Praising with faint damns.
But your don't like Warren anyway.

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