09 July 2018

So, it's Kavanaugh

He leaked grand jury testimony while working for Ken Starr, he believes that everything the President does is inherently legal, but he's a Yalie, so it's all cool:
Brett M. Kavanaugh, the federal judge nominated by President Trump on Monday to the Supreme Court, has endorsed robust views of the powers of the president, consistently siding with arguments in favor of broad executive authority during his 12 years on the bench in Washington.

He has called for restructuring the government’s consumer watchdog agency so the president could remove the director and has been a leading defender of the government’s position when it comes to using military commissions to prosecute terrorism suspects.

Kavanaugh is “an unrelenting, unapologetic defender of presidential power” who believes courts can and should actively seek to rein in “large swaths of the current administrative state,” said University of Texas law professor Stephen Vladeck, who closely follows the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.
I'm with Dan Froomkin, who suggests that if Kavanaugh leaked secret grand jury information, and this appears to be an open secret in Washington, DC, then the reporters should burn him.

If smoking some weed in college derailed Douglas Ginsburg's nomination in 1987, then Kavanaugh is a clear and present danger to the court.


Anonymous said...

"Senator Chuck Schumer said Kavanaugh would shield Trump should the Mueller investigation end up before the supreme court" Best line i've read today...

"Is this the first time on record Trump has been known to employ a prophylactic ahead of time?"

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