24 April 2018

This Guy Needs to Burn

I am referring to Jeffrey Reinking, father of semi-naked shooter Travis Jeffrey Reinking, who gave his son his guns back because ……… 2nd Amendment.

There is no excuse for this sh%$. You guaranteed that you would keep your guns out of your crazy son's hands, and at the first opportunity, you gave them back to him.

Prosecutors, please take note, and nail him to the wall:
You probably know this about the man suspected of shooting up a Tennessee Waffle House and killing four people:
Months before the man suspected of killing four people at a Tennessee Waffle House on Sunday became the target of a manhunt, authorities arrested him for trying to breach a barrier near the White House and later seized his guns.

Among the four weapons they took from Travis Reinking was the AR-15 semi­automatic rifle that police say he used in the Waffle House on Sunday. Two of the other weapons — a long gun and a handgun — are missing from Reinking’s apartment, and as of Sunday evening, Reinking was still at large.
And you probably know this:
... Reinking's father was present when ... deputies came to confiscate the guns, [Tazewell County sheriff Robert M.] Huston said. The father had a valid state authorization card and asked the police if he could keep the weapons. Deputies gave Reinking's father the weapons, Huston said.
"He was allowed to do that after he assured deputies he would keep them secure and away from Travis," Huston said, referring to Reinking's father.

Huston and Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson said they believe Reinking's father returned the weapons to Reinking.
It's bad enough that Jeffrey Reinking, the father of Travis, returned the guns to him after that White House incident. But it wasn't the only troubling incident that should have concerned Jeffrey Reinking. There was this:
In June 2017, police records state Reinking threatened someone with an AR-15 while wearing a pink dress. After threatening the man, Reinking drove to a public pool and dove in before exposing himself to others at the pool, according to the reports.
And this, in May 2017:
You see how this proceeds.

If you support responsible behavior with firearms, then you need to penalize people who engage in irresponsible behavior with guns.

This is just like breathing into someone's ignition interlock breathalyzer, and then the driver kills someone, Jeffrey Reinking needs to be prosecuted for anything, and everything you can possibly find.

I am talking, "Pretend that his name is "Mahoud Ibrahim crap."


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