05 April 2018

Pay Them More

There is much hand wringing in Iowa, because manufacturers cannot find people to fill their job openings.

If you were willing to train people, treat them well, and pay them enough to stay with you, you would have enough people.

Econ 101.


Quasit said...

No no no. The answer is *child labor*. Which leads to a brilliant solution: those workplaces will be classified as charter schools, and children will be required to attend/work there. Capitalism is saved!

Matthew Saroff said...

Jeebus. You can run for office as a Republican.

Quasit said...

Better still, since those children are underage, the minimum wage law won't apply. They will receive a training wage instead. Which will be paid by taxpayers, since they will be funding the new -sweatshops- that is, charter schools. We will even be able to fulfill a long-held dream of Newt Gingrich, and replace janitors with students!

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