03 July 2017

Evil Megalomaniac Seeks to Revive Monster from Primeval Times

There are certain people who I will assume that anything they do is in furtherance of evil.

One of them is Peter Thiel, who literally has aspirations to be a vampire.

Now, he's dropping big bucks on an attempt to revive the species of the Woolly Mammoth.

I do not know how reviving the Woolly Mammoth will make life more miserable for the rest of us, but given that Thiel is funding it, I guarantee that it will make life more miserable for the rest of us.

At least he's not a one of the megalomaniacs planning on mounting a private operation to mine asteroids, which could easily be turned into a devastating weapon.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

Come on, Wooly Mammoths? Can't we put this in the category of a stopped clock being right twice a day.

I want my Mammoth. Perhaps one of the island ones, they could be in my back yard.

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