14 July 2017

Call Your Congressmen and Senators, and Tell Them No

In rather unsurprising news there are some Democratic Senators looking to cut a deal with Republicans on healthcare.

At the top of the list, of course, is Democrat in Name Only (DINO), and father of the price gouging CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Joe Manchin will give a bipartisan gloss to something aweful.  Primary him, and failing that vote republican
With Senate Republicans struggling to cobble together the votes needed to pass an Obamacare replacement measure, bipartisan talks on health care legislation have picked up pace on Capitol Hill.

Multiple lawmakers and high-level congressional aides have told The Daily Beast that moderates from each party have begun taking the temperature of the other side for a more modest approach to reforming the health care system. Aides and lawmakers insist that these talks are in their nascent stages. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), in an interview, odescribed them as both informal and ephemeral.
Any Republican plan will kill tens of thousands of people a year, and engaging in some narcissistic strutting to polish your bipartisan street cred is intellectually, morally, and politically bankrupt.

Obamacare sucks, but any Republican plan will make it far worse.

Barring anything that directly moves a public healthcare solution, like adding a public option, the response to Republicans has to be no.


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