14 March 2017

Oh, Snap!

The Congressional Budget Office (has scored Paul Ryan's Obamacare replacement bill, and says that it would strip health insurance from 24 million people.

Rather predictably, the Republicans completely lose their sh%$, and attack the CBO chief that they themselves appointed:
An hour after the Congressional Budget Office released its dire assessment of the GOP Obamacare plan, Donald Trump’s top health official went on the attack.

"We disagree strenuously with the report," Tom Price said. "The CBO report’s coverage numbers defy logic."

That initial Republican assault on Monday was the first of many that amounted to dismissing their own scorekeeper.

Left unmentioned by Price, Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary: When he was in Congress, he recommended the CBO’s current director, Keith Hall, for the job. Hall took the helm at the CBO in April 2015, chosen by Republican House and Senate leaders to provide advice to a GOP-controlled Congress.
Obamacare sucks, the Republican proposal sucks even more, and the pre-2009 state of affairs sucked even more.

This might explain why the ACA hasn't created a groundswell of political support for the Democrats, "We suck a little bit less," which these days seems to be the motto for the Dems, just does not motivate voters these days.


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