23 March 2017

Face Plant

He's trying to look chill, but he's just a bitch
Paul Ryan has had to postpone the vote on Trumpcare because he is unable to secure the votes for the measure:
“The closer,” it turns out, needs extra innings.

After a frenetic 48 hours of Oval Office lobbying sessions, closed-door talks in the Cabinet room and shuttle diplomacy on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan pulled the plug Thursday on a scheduled vote on their health care legislation after falling short of the support needed for passage.

Conservative House hardliners would not budge on their demanded concessions. Moderate Republicans grew skittish of the new proposed changes. And, as the morning turned to afternoon without an accord on final legislative language, Republicans fretted about the optics of jamming the far-reaching bill through in the middle of the night.
Pauly, you had one job, and all it required was the ability to count to 218, and you couldn't manage that.

This is what happen when you let the Teabaggers go off their meds and run for office.


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