08 February 2017

Seriously, Robby Mook?

I read the Guardian (Aka the Grauniad*) online, and I find it useful, though, as always with the British press, you need to understand that it comes with a very definite political position.  (Left of Tony Blair, but right of Jeremy Corbyn)

They also publish OP/EDs from any number of people, some of whom you would not expect to get space in the paper.

Today, they published someone who should NEVER have gotten space in the paper writing about the election, former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, who, in an orgy of self absolving twaddle,  Is given a platform to scream, "The Russians are Coming".

I get that Mr. Mook had to deal with the fact that he had a sh%$ candidate, but he ran an amazingly sh%$ty campaign.

Dude, your next job should involve asking people if they want fries with that.

That won't happen.  Failure is never punished in Washington, DC, regardless of party, but just admit that you screwed the pooch, and move on, preferably to a research outpost in Antarctica.

*According to the Wiki, The Guardian, formerly the Manchester Guardian in the UK. It's nicknamed the Grauniad because of its penchant for typographical errors, "The nickname The Grauniad for the paper originated with the satirical magazine Private Eye. It came about because of its reputation for frequent and sometimes unintentionally amusing typographical errors, hence the popular myth that the paper once misspelled its own name on the page one masthead as The Gaurdian, though many recall the more inventive The Grauniad."


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