09 February 2017

People We Should Not Listen To

He likes to claim that he was the genius behind the 2006 Democratic Party electoral success, but his record at the DCCC belies this:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel thinks he has some advice for the grassroots activists who are responding with such urgency to the rise of Donald Trump: “Take a chill pill.” They won’t listen to him, nor should they.

Emanuel may be uniquely unqualified to comprehend, much less comment on, the progressive upsurge seen in the huge Women’s March on Washington, airport blockades in response to Trump’s Muslim immigration ban, and crowds of hundreds corralling members of Congress across the country over the future of health care.


The truth of the 2006 election was that the top three recipients of DCCC cash – who together got nearly $10 million – all lost, and of 22 initial candidates backed by Emanuel’s committee, only nine won their elections. What swung the election to the Democrats was the deep unpopularity of President George W. Bush and the Iraq war, nourished by a new “netroots” insurgency within the Democratic Party. Emanuel’s pro-war candidates had trouble catching the wave – but now he claims the election victory as his own.
And his record as Mayor of Chicago sucks wet farts from dead pigeons as well.

Rahm, and Obama, did their level best over the past 8 years to diminish the perceived successes of the party base, as well as the efforts of Dean's 50 state strategy, which took resources and power from the inbred, pampered, and overpaid nomenklatura of the party in DC and devolved it to the state parties.

I so hope that he ends up frog marched out of the Mayor's mansion in handcuffs.


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