17 January 2017

You Gotta Be F%$#Ing Kidding………

Musical Accompaniment by John Carpenter and Ennio Morricone here
One of my favorite films is John Carpenter's magnum opus, The Thing, released in 1982.

It is closer to the original work (John Campbell's Who Goes There) than did the 1951 Howard Hawks film.

If you haven't seen it, see it. It is an investigation of isolation, paranoia, with allusions to AIDS and sexual ambiguity.

The movie has many classic moments, and in one, when confronted with a human head sprouting legs and walking off, and Palmer notices, and says, "You gotta be f%$#in' kidding."

It is an expression of horror and disgust that I have not seen equaled ………

Until today ………

By me ………

Because today ………

On Capitol Hill ………


At the confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos, Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education, announced that she opposes banning guns in schools because ……… Grizzly Bears:
Senator Chris Murphy who represented the district with Newtown, asked Department of Education Betsy DeVos whether she would oppose guns in public schools.

As she did with most questions, she waffled.

Murphy asked, "Do you think guns have any place in or around schools?"

DeVos fell back on her usual deflection that it is for states to decide, which set Murphy off.

Incredulously, he asked, "You can't say definitively today that guns shouldn't be in schools?"

With disingenuous wide-eyed misunderstanding, DeVos replied, "I will refer back to (Wyoming) Senator (Mike) Enzi and the school he was talking about in Wyoming. I think probably there, I would imagine that there is probably a gun in the schools to protect from potential grizzlies."

Murphy ended his questioning by telling her he looked forward to her visiting his state to discuss guns in schools with a disgusted tone. I was seriously surprised that he didn't throw all of his papers on the floor while walking out.
I will say it again, "You Gotta be F%$#ing Kidding ………"

Murphy is the Senator from Connecticut, the former home of Newtown Elementry and the Newtown Massacre.

I am sure that Ms. DeVos' reception in the Nutmeg state would be ……… enthusiastic.


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