18 November 2016

Knowing is Worse than Not Knowing

Remember when I said that I would not be speculating on Trump cabinet appointments because it just made thing worse and drove me crazy?

I may have been excessively optimistic.

Trump has announced that he will be nominating a racist dirtbag for US Attorney General (Jeff Sessions), a right wing lunatic who was fired as head of the DIA for his incompetence and an abusive management style as National Security Adviser (Michael Flynn), and a Teabagger who is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers as  as C.I.A. Director (Mike Pompeo).

Charlie Pierce has the details.

Of particular note here is that this appears to be putting the stake through the heart of whatever faint hope there was that Trump would not buy into the mindlessly bellicose national security consensus.

We are in for more, and possibly stupider, wars during the Trump Administration.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone is putting on the snuggy blanket, warm and well fed attitude.


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