24 October 2016

Musing on Whiskey

During the third and final debate on Wednesday, I played a debate drinking game.

I was drinking a VERY cheap, though not awful, Scotch whiskey, Inver House Green Plaid.

Tonight while celebrating Simchat Torah, I drank another Scotch whiskey, Glenlivet.

The latter is a more expensive, and much better, spirit.

Each whiskey was appropriate to its use, Glenlivet is a high quality product which is appropriate for celebrating Torah, being far less harsh, and possessing far more subtlety and nuance.

Using it to help me cope with hearing Donald Trump, Chris Wallace, and Hillary Clinton would be an affront to the efforts of the distiller.

By the same token, drinking Inver House Green Plaid at a Simchat Torah celebration would be an affront to God, but out is perfectly suited to the fingernails-on-a-chalkboard experience of the Presidential debates.

Each was eminently well suited to the role that they played.

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