09 September 2016

This is Beautiful

Shorter Matt Yglesias
If that's what Matt stays up at night worrying about, he might need a more news-appropriate hobby, like alcoholism.
Matt Taibbi on Matt Yglesias
Matt Yglesias, who hasn't been on my blogroll for some time (with good reason), suggested that reporters should not try to get official emails from politicians, because ……… really, because Donald Trump ……… we need to leave Hillary alone:
You may never see a worse case of media Stockholm Syndrome than a recent column by Matt Yglesias at Vox, entitled, "Against Transparency."

Subheaded "Government officials' email should be private, just like their phone calls," the Yglesias piece basically argues that emails shouldn't be covered by laws like the Freedom of Information Act because it's the 2010s, and it's just too darn hard to use the phone if you want to keep something secret while you're on the public payroll.

I'm sure there's no shortage of reporters lining up to take a whack at Yglesias and his treasonous column this week, so I'll keep this short:


I get that Yglesias thinks that the Clinton email/Clinton Foundation business isn't a story. But whoever heard of a reporter begging for less access? We're all losing our minds.
It is a beautiful, and well deserved, Fisking.

Read the whole thing.


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