08 September 2016

Third Party Candidate Fail

Evan McMullin, the great white hope of the anti-Trump wing of the Republican party, filed for Presidential elections ballots with a place holder VP who is now his official running mate:
Evan McMullin is running as an independent conservative alternative to Donald Trump. Who McMullin is running with, however, is a bit of a mystery.

In all nine states where he has officially qualified to appear on the presidential ballot, McMullin has listed a “Nathan Johnson” as his vice presidential nominee. McMullin’s campaign won’t provide any more information about Johnson — including which of the thousands of people named Nathan Johnson the campaign is referring to — saying he is only a placeholder until McMullin names an actual running mate.

But in eight of the nine states, top election officials say McMullin’s campaign can’t pull Johnson’s name off the ballot, and that it’s “Nathan Johnson” — not whomever McMullin eventually names as his pick for vice president — that will appear on the ballot.
Yet another Republican who cannot find his ass with both hands.


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