18 September 2016

Of Course, It Wouldn't Be an Emergency without Uber Profiteering………

So, of course, within moments of the bomb going off, the surge pricing kicked in:
Passengers attempting to hail Uber cars during New York City's explosion on Saturday night hammered the ride sharing service for its pricing policies, accusing the company of gouging customers during a dangerous incident.

As news broke that a device had detonated in the city's Chelsea section, scared passengers attempted to use their Uber apps to hail a ride home—only to be hit with notifications that demand was "off the charts."

Furious users took to Twitter to vent their frustration, which was first reported by The Sun UK. Shortly after the blast, Uber announced on the social network that it had suspended its "surge pricing," a system that has been criticized in the past by some riders.
They announced that "surge pricing" was suspended, but reports from Twitter indicate otherwise.

This is what happens when you allow Ayn Rand worshiping psychopaths to blithely ignore regulations.


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