02 August 2016

Quote of the Day

Think rich people get too many nice things from the government? Raise their damn taxes. Don't use it as an excuse to make giving nice things to everyone else so complicated that it practically isn't worth bothering.
Duncan "Atrios" Black
This is a most excellent take-down of the over use of means testing of social programs.

It is both morally and fiscally bankrupt.

Yes, I am referring to Hillary Clinton's objection to Bernie Sanders proposal for free college tuition was the remote possibility that Donald Trumps kids might get a free college education.


Anonymous said...

Increasing revenues of any kind looks to be kinda painful..through taxation of the rich? Don't these guys own corporations and real estate? Loss of their own revenues might result in layoffs. Commodity price increases..it could really be a bad domino affect.

Honesty, the rich and powerful have already thought of what "the rest of us" might do in retaliation for the leashes they've placed around our necks..some time ago. They own the votes needed to keep hands out of their pockets.

Donald trump is a good example of the lack of respect the rich have for Americans. We know of course that he has never intended to accept the Presidency. The ridiculous statements..dissing an American hero..and on. He has even been asked the question if he might not accept the presidency, if he wins...I believe his response was a smile and a wait and see attitude.

Such is the respect the 1% ers...

And I freely admit of wanting to work the bit about trump in more than the 'rich rant'..hell that's old news for me.

Matthew Saroff said...

It's an interesting point, that taxing the wealthy reduces growth and job creation, except that it's happened exactly never times.

Kind of like how the benefits of trade deals will be used to help the losers in the equation, which has also happened exactly never,

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