02 August 2016

Not a Surprise………

Three top officials at the Democratic National Committee are now former officials of the DNC:
Three top officials at the Democratic National Committee will leave their posts this week amid the controversy over the release of a cache of hacked emails from the committee.

Chief executive Amy Dacey, Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall and Communications Director Luis Miranda will leave the DNC just days after a new leader took the helm.

A trove of nearly 20,000 emails were posted on WikiLeaks last month. They included some emails that raised questions about the faith of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's primary rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), and others that seemed to disparage donors.
This is not a surprise.

Dacey and Marshall had the now infamous email exchange about targeting Sanders on his religion, and Miranda was hired by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and functioned primarily her personal publicist.

The organization needs to be fixed, and this will mean more than just getting rid of DWS toadies at the organization.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

You know, at one level, the DNC was doing its job. Since Sanders was never a Democrat, why shouldn't they stop him.

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