30 August 2016

And Clinton Throws the Democrats an Anvil

So, now that the clusterfuck known as Donald is hanging around Republican's neck like a millstone, Hillary Clinton is busy trying to remove that particular albatross: (welcome to the Matthew Saroff mixed metaphor festival)
Hillary Clinton is trying to entice Republican voters to ditch Donald Trump by portraying him as outside the mainstream of their party, putting her at odds with congressional Democrats who want to link the party's House and Senate candidates to Trump's controversial brand of politics.

In a speech on Aug. 25 that flayed the Republican nominee as an outlier channeling the views of white supremacists and courting the "fringe element" of his party, Clinton invoked the names of former President George W. Bush, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Arizona Senator John McCain and former Senator Bob Dole, the 1996 Republican nominee, to set up the contrast with Trump.

Republicans who've already voiced their opposition to Trump welcomed having the Democratic presidential nominee make their argument—that he doesn't represent the party or mainstream conservatism.

"I'm glad that even Hillary Clinton recognizes that this isn't our whole party," Katie Packer, a former adviser to Mitt Romney's 2012 campaign, wrote on Twitter. "This is strong," Republican strategist Ana Navarro said of Clinton's praise for past Republican nominees. "It's easily the best speech of any candidate this year," Tony Fratto, a former spokesman for Bush, tweeted.
It's Bill all over again:  Throwing the party, and the party's ideals over the cliff in the quest for personal gain.

I am so going to take a sh%$ in the ballot booth this year. (I am not speaking figuratively here.)


Anonymous said...

Hillary has been demonized..misquoted and mostly had the living sh** beat out of her life for years. 90% of the issues the media and bloggers whine about are the same sort most politicians carry on their backs going into an election. The difference here? Hillary is a woman. And a very experienced and intelligent individual. The angst from 'editorial artists' should have been applied to candidates back during the mccarthy purges. So mislaid, so obnoxious for someone that will undoubtedly make a great president and stateswoman. Those that dislike trump should consider their remarks about Hillary as disingenuous..since they are smacking the noses on their faces with theys own fist...;-)

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