18 July 2016

Trumpster Fire*


And his new logo.

As re-imagined by Samantha Bee

And a new slant on the image
At the RNC, which I am not watching because I value my sanity, they had color coded elevators to help convention goers find their way around, with rather unfortunate results:
This year’s RNC may be a grand old segregated party.

Republican National Convention organizers are scrambling to replace signs labeling a bank of elevators the “white elevators.”


Byron Tau, a Wall Street Journal reporter who first spotted the signs, said RNC staffers were replacing them “for obvious reasons.”

It’s unclear who vetted the signs or why they were hung in the first place. Neither RNC organizers nor Trump’s campaign immediately responded to the Daily News’ request for further comment.
And then there is his new logo, and the various permutations therein.

This really is a complete clusterf%$#..

*Not my bon mot.  It comes from BS at the Stellar Parthenon BBS.


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