14 July 2016

This Has Fail Written All over It

It appears that the brain dead ammosexuals in Ohio have written laws in such a way that protesters at the Republican convention will have the right to open carry firearms:
Cleveland officials said Wednesday that they will uphold the right of protesters at the Republican National Convention to carry firearms even as they expressed opposition to the state’s open carry laws.

Speaking to reporters in advance of the Republican National Convention next week, both Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson and police Chief Calvin Williams they were bound by the state’s laws allowing people to carry guns even if they disagreed with them.


“It’s the law in this state. As police chief, I’m bound to uphold the law in this state,” he added.


Cleveland has banned a wide array of items inside a broad zone in downtown Cleveland around the convention site, including water guns, toy guns, knives, aerosol cans, rope, tennis balls and others. But because of Ohio’s open carry laws, protesters who legally own a firearm will be allowed to carry it near the convention center.
For their next trick, Ohio Republicans are going to gargle with Plutonium, or French kiss cobras, or some other damn fool bit of lunacy.

This will not end well.

H/t Talking Points Memo.


Anonymous said...

Conventions can turn voters opinions..conventions that are well run and have responsible platforms. People often wait till they see candidates and compare what they have said they stand for over the long run around the country....with what they say now. Will trumph froth at the mouth about illegal immigrants and all the Muslims in this country? Will he appoint Kansas's Secretary of State...Kris Kobach to imprison illegal immigrants? If they don't shut the place down due to bloodshed, perhaps the sane world will see a circus of insanity and dubious intentions of protecting and promoting American workers.

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