07 July 2016

The Natives are Restless in Euro Land

It looks like a number of the periphery countries in the EU are unamused that decisions about a response to the Brexit are being made without consulting them:
Janos Lazar's shock revelation on Thursday afternoon came as a growing number of EU members have joined a queue to back leaving the bloc after Britons voted to leave last week.

The Minister for the Prime Minister's office, said: "I couldn't vote whole-heartedly for Hungary to stay in the EU.

"Europe does not equal the EU. The EU is not able to protect the rights and values of Europe."

He said it was his own opinion, and not the government's.

Mr Lazar voted for Hungary to join the EU 12 years ago, but said he has been very disappointed ever since.

Mr Lazar added: "The Hungarian government is not planning on holding a referendum on leaving the EU."

Hungary, which joined the EU in 2004, has become part of a core group of rebels, including Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, who threatened today to draw up their own plans for a less centralised EU.

Poland, which also joined in 2004, is leading the rebellion by nine former communist countries after accusing the old guard - Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands - of monopolising EU discussions after holding private talks in Berlin over the weekend.
Of course, people like the head of the right wing Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, is calling for Holland to leave the EU, but they have been (rightly) dismissed  as cranks.

Now they are being viewed as a threat.

The real danger of the long standing dysfunction of the EU is that it is increasingly empowering people like Wilders and granting legitimacy to their hatred.

This is not going to end well.


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