10 July 2016

I am So Not Sorry for these Rat F%$#s

The Blairite front benchers have concluded that their attempted removal of Jeremy Corbyn from his leadership of Labour has failed:
Labour rebels are in retreat after admitting that Jeremy Corbyn cannot be removed and would "win easily" if a leadership election is triggered.

One senior Labour MP said: "It's finished" as it emerged that lengthy talks between union bosses and Tom Watson, the party's deputy leader, had failed to find a solution to the deadlock.

MPs have now pinned their hopes on a challenge by Angela Eagle, despite many believing that she will not beat Mr Corbyn because of his support among members.

It follows weeks of stalemate between the Labour leader's office and MPs who want to see Mr Corbyn step down without having to trigger a leadership campaign.
The Labour rules automatically put Corbyn on the ballot, he does not need MP's signatures on the ballot to be listed, and it is clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together he will win any election that is held by a large margin.

Corbyn should use this as an opportunity to clear house.


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