14 June 2016

This is Even More Offensive if You are Jewish

Rudolph Giuliani just said that if Moslems have nothing to hide, they should be fine with police stationed in their mosques:

Appearing on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning, former Republican New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani argued that if mosques have nothing to hide, they wouldn’t be opposing government surveillance.

“There’s no minister, there’s no rabbi in this city — nor are there some imams — that object to having police officers in their congregation,” he argued. “In fact, they want them there, they want them to learn the message. It’s enlightening for them.”

“So if you’ve got nothing going on there but a beautiful religious service, why in His name would you not want to have police officers there?” he asked.
here is a bit of Jewish History:
The fifth-century Persian king Yezdegerd forbade the recitation of Shema. They had to comply during the morning when guards were present, but the Jews partially circumvented the decree by incorporating Shema into the Mussaf Kedushah."
According to commentaries, Yezdegerd subsequently died after a crocodile appeared in his bedroom and devoured him, which was attributed to the prayers of the Jewish people for his death.  (No, he didn't die that way)

Still, it is remarkable how easily Rudy Giuliani slides into the role of biblical villain.


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