28 June 2016

Impeach Clarence Thomas

Generally, I think that Supreme Court justices should not be impeached for their legal opinions, but this is bad enough that he needs to be fired ……… out of a cannon ……… and into the sun:
"It imposes a lifetime ban on gun ownership for a single intentional nonconsensual touching of a family member...the majority seeks to expand that already broad rule to any reckless physical injury or nonconsensual touch. I would not extend the statute into that constitutionally problematic territory."
"Non-consensual touching" is nice, I think. Sonny Liston once engaged in that professionally, I believe.
What a contemptible excuse for a human being.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

I disagree with the position, but it is what would be described as an example of 'classic interpretation'and 'strict construing'.

Hardly impeachable.

Matthew Saroff said...

I agree, a judicial opinion, absent some corruption or conflict of interest issues, should never be grounds for an impeachment.

It's a rhetorical flourish to describe a contemptible human being.

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