06 May 2016

Ez a Mechayeh!

In July, Microflaccid's offer for a free upgrade to Windows 10 expires, and it means that those f%$#ing pop up windows will be going away:
There was one issue that went unspoken in Microsoft’s announcement on Thursday that the free Windows 10 upgrade offer would end on July 29. What would the company do about all those annoying, almost malware-like, pop-up notifications to upgrade to Windows 10 that appeared on the PCs of Windows 7 and 8.1 users? The answer is they will disappear.

“Details are still being finalized, but on July 29th the Get Windows 10 app...will be disabled and eventually removed from PCs worldwide,” Microsoft told WinBeta in a written statement.


The company warned that it may take some time to disable the upgrade pop-ups on computers worldwide.
Hallelujah is right.

I am sick to death of Microsoft's nags to install its f%$#ing spyware.

*It's Yiddish, "איז אַ מחיה," and it means that it is a great joy.


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