23 April 2016

Linkage, Guaranteed Chomytz Free*

Prince died on Thursday. An eclectic artist who played a plethora of instruments, produced music, and directed and acted in movies.

He also had the best cameo ever on Animaniacs, which says a lot: (Actual dialogue from the show)

H/t JR at the Stellar Parthenon BBS.

*Chomaytz is leavened bread, which is forbidden during the days of Pesach (Passover).


Anonymous said...

performed best super bowl half time show... an artist..

Stephen Montsaroff said...

Two comments:

Regarding the Feudalism article, it was a hoot.

I have read the source he speaks of, Before France and Germany, and can recommend it. The book is rather explicit in _not_ being an exploration of the formation of the feudal state.

The author of the blog here does a wonderful neo-Marxist job of trying to shoehorn the classic hierarchy of modes of production into the fall of the Roman empire.

I was really nostalgic for college reading that.

Viz. The Boy on the Burning deck. The article does gloss one important fact in this attack on Kalinengrad, and Russia's warnings. It is mentioned, but only in passing.

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