14 April 2016

I Just Saw the Debates

Hillary and Bernie went toe to toe in Brooklyn.

I was watching, and Charlie was hooting and hollering like it was the denouement of the next Star Wars movie.

He has Hillary pegged as being part of the Empire.

My quick take:
  • It was the most contentious debate yet.
  • Wolf Blitzer could be replaced as moderator by a toaster with a not particularly advanced operating system.  (I should note here that it is not my intent to offend any toasters)
  • Hillary Clinton kept filibustering, and it drove Charlie nuts.
  • Hillary Clinton seemed to be seething with barely suppressed anger at times.
  • It really is a treat to hear Bernie Sanders say, "Yuge."
No clue as to what the pundits will be saying in the morning.


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