16 March 2016

Pass the Popcorn

Donald Trump is now strongly implying that any attempt to stop his nomination by the Republican establishment at the convention will be met by rioters:

But let’s say a miracle happens and one of the many Republican candidates who is fantasizing about rushing in to save the party manages to unify the party. What then?

Would Trump — who by then will have little-to-zero hope of launching a third-party run — just sit back an absorb a massive humiliation?

Well, you won’t like Trump supporters when they are angry and legally indemnified against violence.

This threat isn’t just some fantasy I’ve conjured. Trump has all but said he and his “people” would resist being usurped with everything he’s got:
“I don’t know that that’s going to happen. But I’ll tell you, there are going to be a lot of people that will be very upset if that doesn’t happen. I think that would be pretty unfair.”
With his daily war against protesters as training and his followers seeing him as their savior, maybe the Republican establishment will decide they’re better off just letting Trump take the nomination. Sure it could be the end of the GOP and the dawn of American fascism. But at least he’ll try to cut their taxes by $1.3 million a year.
I am so glad that the Donald is their problem, and not ours.


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