13 March 2016

Another Reason to Like Bernie Sanders

In an article outlining he rather fraught relationship between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, Politico drops this fascinating anecdote:
It’s an illustration of the extent to which the two political outsiders, once allies, have parted ways. Nader has known Sanders for decades and the Vermont socialist once referred to him as “a good friend” during a committee hearing, but he said Sanders hasn’t returned his phone calls for the past 15 years. During his time in Washington, as Sanders has fostered congenial relations with Clinton, said Nader, “He’s totally cut people like me out.”
Gee, what did Ralph Nader do about 15 years ago?

What has he never offered the most perfunctory expression of regret for?

It appears that Sanders hasn't forgiven Ralph Nader for his exercise in narcissistic nihilism that was his 2000 campaign, which was calculated to provide maximize the benefit to George W. Bush, because, as Alfred Pennyworth says, "Some men just want to see the world burn."

Good on Sanders for recognizing what Nader has become.


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