09 January 2016

Straight from Seditious Conspiracy to Bad Parody

It appears that the Y'all Qaeda folks out in Oregon have been raising some cash from their fellow travellers.

One of the guys appears to have drunk most of the proceeds:

Can we all just calm down? Can we all stipulate that there is a difference between an "ISIS-inspired" crime and an actual terror plot? Can we accept the possibility that a crook might seek to aggrandize his banal crimes with some geopolitical, religious filigree? Can we look for relief in the fact that the seditious claque out in Oregon is coming apart in the most hilarious ways?
Joe Oshaugnessy, an Arizona militiaman, has been actively seeking volunteers through social media to join the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge…Jon Ritzheimer, the Arizona militiaman known for organizing anti-Muslim rallies and fundraising through his "Rogue Infidel" site, went to see Oshaugnessy at the motel and found him drinking there, according to Maureen Peltier, a disabled National Guard woman who claims to be the group's official spokeswoman. Peltier said Ritzheimer had confirmed that Oshaugnessy had kept the money he had raised through social media for himself and had spent at least some of it on a drinking binge.
It really is the Whiskey Rebellion!
This level of schadenfreude may have deleterious health effects, kind of like how hypotonic overhydration (excess water consumption) can.

So be careful.


Anonymous said...

Theys whinning for theys mommas now...After beggin for cigarettes , clothing , food..Gee, mighty hunters didn't plan very well.

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