19 January 2016

Outing Freeloaders is a Good Thing

UAW local 412 in Warren, MI has decided to publish the names of covered employees who have opted out of the Union:
A local United Auto Workers chapter in Warren is singling out workers who decide to opt out of the union.

In a recent UAW Local 412 newsletter obtained by The Detroit News, a list of 43 workers “who choose not to pay their fair share” was published alongside “conditions” that will apply to workers who opt out and no longer pay — or partially pay — union dues.

Listed conditions for “ex-UAW members” range from rudimentary things such as not being allowed to attend union functions or vote in local elections, to having to “pay all unpaid dues and/or dues in arrears as well as an initiation fee” if one decides to rejoin the union.

Singling out workers who decide to leave the union isn’t unprecedented, but it’s seen by some as an intimidation tactic to deter others from leaving — and pressure those who have left to rejoin.
My heart bleeds for those scabs ……… Not.


Anonymous said...

Dues have to be collected to support the infrastructure of the union...strike pay, admin costs..
The payoff is supposed to be the leverage the members have on contract years. Those that don't pay risk total disassociation from the members that do.

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