06 December 2015

Why Is This News? Isn't There One in Every Walmart?

It isn't often that you read a story about a, "homeless couple found living in Walmart attic with hot plate, meth lab, and 42" LED TV," but when you think about it, it is a juxtaposition that seems to fit that retail establishment.

Of course, the link is a parody site, Now8News, but it is the sort of story that should be true.

In a word this story is dripping with truthiness, even if it isn't true:
Being homeless has to be very difficult, especially in the colder times of the year. But not for this Tennessee couple who had been “living in the lap of luxury” above a Tennessee Walmart store. The ‘homeless’ man, 48-year-old Wilbert Thomas, admitted to police that he and his girlfriend 54-year-old Ingrid Malone, had been living above the store for over two years. What they did to the attic, baffled police and store employees.
It's a brilliant bit of parody, because it sounds so true.


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