04 December 2015

The New York Daily News Gets It

Calling out Wayne LaPierre
The New York Daily News continues its naming and shaming of the reptilian National Rifle Association:

Murder here is easy to commit — because weapons and ammunition that tear at human flesh are easily obtainable. And once murder is committed, it is far harder to solve than it should be — because the devices that are repositories for incriminating evidence are increasingly beyond the reach of law enforcement.

Police on Thursday reported that all four weapons used by killer Syed Farook and his wife-accomplice, Tashfeen Malik — two assault rifles and two handguns — were bought legally.

The two had a guerrilla-sized stockpile at home: a staggering 2,000 rounds of 9-mm. bullets and 2,500 rounds of .223-caliber rifle ammunition.

Also in the home: 12 pipe bombs and hundreds of tools that could be used to build IEDs or pipe bombs.

In what country is it legal to collect enough weaponry to go to war? In ours, thanks to gun laws crafted and protected by lawmakers obedient to the National Rifle Association.
(emphasis mine)

On their cover, they call Wayne LaPierre a terrorist.

I agree.

What's more, the News understands that the apocalyptic language and policies of the NRA are not effectively opposed by the standard civil and polite hand wring that we see on the editorial pages of other papers.

H/t David Harris Gershon at Daily Kos.


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