09 December 2015

I See that You Have Jumped C. Megalodon*

C. Megalodon. One Big Shark
While there are some very valid reasons for students to make protests, but the protesters of Lebanon Valley College have lost their f%$#ing minds:
Lebanon Valley College administrators were presented a "list of demands" Friday, after a heated week of equality-driven student demonstrations and calls to action that gripped the predominantly white institution.

It was against this backdrop that a standing room-only crowd gathered inside a lecture hall in the school's Miller Chapel Friday, and organizers delivered demands meant to bring about greater diversity in faculty and student ranks, as well as a greater sense of inclusiveness on campus.

The demands — announced at the end of Friday's meeting and promptly handed to the university's president, Dr. Lewis Thayne — include calls for a more diverse curriculum; removing or altering the name "Lynch" in the college's "Lynch Memorial Hall" due to the word's racial connotations; more sensitivity training for staff; diversity workshops; regular surveys of the racial climate on campus; facilities recognizing varied gender identities and disabilities; and clearer protocols for officials in responding to allegations and acts of bias.
As an FYI, the hall is not named after the practice of extrajudicial murders by hanging or burning, it's named after a former president of Lebanon Valley College, Clyde A. Lynch, who among other things, kept the college going during the depression.

I guess we should fire the current Attorney General of the United States, a black woman named Loretta Lynch, because these delicate little flowers feel vaguely uncomfortable.

You know, there are statues to actual racists, and defenders of racism, all over the couintry, see Lee, Robert E. and Forest, Nathan B., and you are going after this?

Here is a counter proposal:  Get your head out of your collective asses.

*The largest shark, and likely largest predator fish ever. It died out some 1.5 million years ago. The Genus is still in dispute, between either Carcharodon (Great White) or Carcharocles (broad toothed Mako). But in either case, you are jumping C. Megalodon, you have jumped the biggest shark ever.


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