15 December 2015

David Whorowitz Strikes Again

In case you are unaware, David Whororitz is a self styled expert on the Middle East and Islam.

He's a nut and a bigot.

It's kind of like Nathan Bedrord Forrest claiming to be an expert on Civil rights.

Well, he's come up with a list of the 10 most anti Semitic and pro-Muslim colleges in the country, and one of them is a complete mind f%$#, Brandeis University.

That's right, he's calling what is arguably the most Jewish non-sectarian school in the nation a den of anti-Semitic Muslim extremists:
David Horowitz used to hang at the Café a lot. In fact, when we first opened, he was here for lunch every day. [Charle's Pierce's, have some stupid for lunch cafe] We haven't seem much of him, largely because he'd been obscured by the lunch rush of customers that we now get every day. So it was nice to see him pop up in his old booth today. Edroso, our brilliant daytime bartender, spotted him first.
Harvard, Columbia, and Brandeis are among 10 leading American universities named by the David Horowitz Freedom Center as being the "most friendly" to radical Islamic propaganda and anti-Israel incitement.
Contemptible, bigoted, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.


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