03 November 2015

I'm Really Enjoying Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

Case in point, his latest skewering of police whingeing about the fact that they might be recorded when the break the law and violate the constitution:
The police are just trying to make a basic point: People are treating them unfairly just because of who they are and how they look. People keep following them around with cameras, watching everything they do, suspicious that they're always about to break the law, leaving police afraid to even get out of their cars for fear that someone might whip out a phone and brutally film them. Who can imagine how that must feel? And if you listen carefully, all the police are saying is "phones down, don't shoot."
It is a brutal take-down of police complaints about the fact that law enforcement agents might now be held accountable for breaking the law.

What people like New York Police Union president Patrick Lynch and FBI director James Comey are suggesting is that we must structure our society so that police are able to operate with impunity, and without accountability, all while operating in secrecy.

This is quite literally the definition of a police state.


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