14 October 2015

More Thoughts on the Last Night's Debates

In terms of debate performance, I will have some observations:
  • I think that Martin O'Malley had the best debate performance, even my son who dislikes him felt that, but that Sanders "won" the debate, because he accomplished his positive objectives more completely.  Clinton played defense, which is not surprising for a front runner. I do not think that she "won", but she clearly did not "lose", which is even more important to her.
  • If CNN had to use the hapless Don Lemon, giving him the do nothing role of introducing questions from social media was the least bad way of using him.
  • Dana Bash was literally asking questions that were taken directly from the Chamber of Commerce.  As a journalist, you should at least rephrase the questions.
  • I was unimpressed with Cooper as moderator, but he wasn't bad, which is actually a good place for a debate moderator to be.
  • His question about which enemy the participants were proudest of was a very good one. It seemed gimmicky, but it meant that the responses were relatively short, but that they were also illuminating.
  • O'Malley's answer to this question, "The National Rifle Association," was arguably the best answer of the evening. It was short, to the point, and created the impression that he was willing to stand up to an organization that is widely loathed by the vast bulk of the people who would have the slightest inclination to vote Democrat.
  • A close second for the best answer was when, in response to Chafee citing the 99-1 vote for the Patriot act, Bernie Sanders said, with no small amount of pride, that he was that one Senator.
  • Jim Webb's answer to the "enemies" question was arguably the worst of the evening. I understand how he wanted to highlight that he was the only one on stage who did active duty, but his pride on killing a former opponent on the battlefield was just kind of squicky, particularly with the grin that followed.
  • A close second on bad answers was the two times (repealing Glass-Steagall & the Patriot Act) that Chafee tried to justify a vote because there was nearly unanimous support in the Senate.
  • Chafee's debate performance did nothing to convince me that he has a coherent reason for running for the Presidency.
  • Webb was trying to troll his way to the presidency. This is not a winning strategy when the troll of trolls, Donald Trump is in the race.
In any case, my opinions, and five bucks, will get you a small latte.


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