23 September 2015

This is a Truly Epic Rant

In fact, this rant about US missteps on Syria is good enough that I forgive the blogger's use of the Comic Sans font:
I have decided to voice my opinions on what the situations are in re the MENA area both abroad and in the US concerning Syria and Turkey. More tomorrow on Iraq. These are simply my opinions, feel free to disregard them and come up with your own:

- Petraeus wants John Allen's wretched job? Give it him. As I understand what happened, Allen found it to be impossible to argue successfully with the WH's collection of "those whose brains were destroyed in the process of obtaining a Ph.D in poly sci " led by the country's community organizer in chief. Let us see if Petraeus will do better. IMO Petraeus is a phony of the sort that David Hackworth used to describe as a "perfumed prince," in my words, a Byzantine courtier type whose fame was generated in a largely self orchestrated media campaign. Let us see if this "Great Captain" can unravel this skein of wormlike threads that he helped create. Perhaps Broadway Joe Scarborough will turn and burn with him?

It goes on from there, and it is truly a thing of beauty.

I also think that it is an accurate assessment, and it shows why the President of the United States cannot blithely accept the counsel of  Council of Foreign Relations types, who subscribe to the "Green Lantern Theory of Geopolitics," which states that so long as the US maintains it will, it can accomplish whatever it wants.

It didn't work in the Bush administration, and it won't work now.


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