04 September 2015

Doing the Cranky Baker Bit Again

Doing pre-cook for the SCA cooking competition Trial By Fire, so once again, I am dealing with the vicissitudes of stiff and uncooperative dough.

This time, I am doing both white and wheat, and I'm cranky and tired.

The rules of the competition are that cooking must be done at the competition, but long prep, like a 12 hour proof, or 4 days of marinating gravlax, or of curdling and draining Neufch√Ętel/cream cheese can be done ahead of time.

That being said, my French pralines (c. 1636) will be done entirely at the event.

The pralines came from the fact that I had much liquid left over from the cheese making, or, as the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a whey.


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