12 August 2015

Jon Stewart Just Hurt Me

You can see the many hairstyles of Bernie at Buzzfeed
He is, of course, in reruns now, but he was doing his monologue, and I had had not heard it before.

And then he said:
Sure, Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds in the thousands, but for some reason the 'media' has decided you can't be a serious candidate if your hair looks like your dick got caught in an electrical socket.
I started laughing, and I just had to share this with Sharon.*

So, laughing hysterically, I started up the stairs, but I could not catch my breath I was laughing so hard, and ended up falling down the stairs.

Thankfully, nothing but some bruising minor bruising, and a majorly freaked out wife.

Actually, it freaked out my cats too.

As I lay at the bottom of the stairs, giggling, Destructo was staring at me with obvious concern.

I'm OK, just a bruise on my left radius and wrist.

*Love of my life, light of the cosmos, she who must be obeyed, my wife.


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