06 August 2015

If I Did this, My Liver Would Jump Out of my Thorax and Beat Me to Death

Matt Taibbi has come up with what he calls, "The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules."

This is potentially a VERY hazardous activity.

Hundreds of people perish from alcohol poisoning every year in the United States.

Playing a drinking game based on the level of Republican stupidity in the debates is French kissing cobras, or trusting in the honesty of investment bankers.

I am not going to be watching the debate.

I'm sure that after 5 minutes of listening to them, I would feel compelled to start mainlining bat guano and licking toads by way of self medication.


Stephen Montsaroff said...

The liver is in the abdomen.

Matthew Saroff said...

My liver would high jump out of my body.

Hence, the thorax.

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