08 July 2015

Why Not to Trust Online Apps

In addition to users having very little recourse when a vendor creates an update that is worse than its predecessor,* it also leaves you at the mercy of a vendor who can jack up the licensing fees when you are hooked:
Microsoft looks to have increased the price it will charge for Office 365 in the Euro-zone, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and Canada.

Nicole Sheridan, who works and blogs for Irish distributor MicroWarehouse, has posted a Microsoft missive on the price rises. She also quotes from a Microsoft communiqué that says the price rises are justifiable because “cloud services are rapidly evolving, and Microsoft is adding significant value to our products.”
The translation from Microflaccid speak is as follows, "We are raising prices for the same reason that dogs lick their own genitals:  Because they can."

*Like when Google, who is particularly awful about retrograde "upgrades" removed the ability to save map locations to contacts when they went to version 7.
BTW, as of version 9, they have still left what was an essential feature out of maps.
The rat-f%$#s who did this should be the first bunch up against the wall when the revolution comes.Ψ
ΨBTW, you can get a link to the old version of Google Maps here. Just be sure to enable the installation of non Play Store apps, and turn off auto updating for the Maps app.


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