20 July 2015

John McCain needs to Man the F%$# Up

I understand the freakout over Donald Trump impugning John McCain's war record:
“He’s not a war hero,” Mr. Trump said during an appearance at the Family Leadership Summit. “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”
Of course, considering the record of Republicans on this:
  • George W. Bush and Karl Rove starting a whispering campaign in the 2000 primaries that McCain had collaborated with his North Vietnamese jailers.
  • Belittling Al Gore's service in Vietnam.
  • Calling Max Cleland, a silver star recipient who lost three limbs in Vietnam a coward.
  • Mocking John Kerry's service by sporting band-aids with purple little purple hearts on them at the 2004 Republican presidential convention.
The idea that now somehow it is beyond the pale for people to mock someone's military service, when Republicans have been doing so for more than a decade, is ludicrous.

Republicans have been mocking opponents military service for over a decade.

That pretty much the whole Republican Presidential field are having the vapors over Donald Trump is a mark of both hypocrisy and a terminal lack of self awareness.

The fact that "The Donald" makes this clear to any cogent observer amuses me.


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