08 June 2015

When a DA Wants to Indict a Ham Sandwich

The ham sandwich gets indicted.

The DA in North Carolina has indicted former officer Michael Slager for the murder of Walter Scott:
Walter Scott, a 50-year-old black man, was unarmed, facing away from the police officer, and haphazardly attempting to flee — but that didn't stop Michael Slager, a white North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer at the time, from firing his gun at least eight times at the fleeing man, killing him.

On June 8, prosecutors announced that a grand jury indicted Slager, who's no longer with the police force, on murder charges, according to CNN's Shawn Nottingham. The case will now proceed to trial. If Slager is convicted, prosecutor Scarlett Wilson said he would serve 30 years to life in prison with no chance of parole.

The shooting was recorded on film by a bystander, who turned over the video footage to authorities. The video has been widely credited with leading to charges of murder against Slager, the officer's firing from the police force, and now the indictment.
Notice how the DA gets an indictment when he isn't trying to lose?

In New York City and Ferguson, the DAs tried to lose the case, and they succeeded.

In North Charleston, the DA chose not to give a cop a get out of jail free card for a killing.


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