19 June 2015

The Middle East Is F%$#ed up and Sh%$

A year after the war that devastated the Gaza Strip, Israel is apparently helping Qatar — which does not have official diplomatic relations with Israel — partner with the Islamist movement and longstanding enemy Hamas to rebuild the the territory.

"Life is full of contradictions and strange things,” Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of research for Israel's military intelligence, told NPR when commenting on Israel's recent move to allow Qatar to channel its reconstruction aid through Hamas, which is a US-designated terrorist group.

Israel has always tried to isolate Hamas and has accused Qatar of financing the Islamist movement. Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist, rejects all agreements between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, and calls for Israel's violent destruction in its founding charter.


But there are other reasons why Israel is suddenly more open to cooperation with Qatar. Israel’s deputy minister for regional cooperation, Ayub Carra, mentioned that Qatar, along with other Gulf countries, shares Israel’s concerns about Iran, NPR reported. Kuperwasser also mentioned that Israel has long wanted improved relations with the region's Sunni Muslim countries because of the threat the country faces from Shi'ite Iran and its various militant proxies.

"So we have a chance, now, to make the relationship better,” said Carra.
My head hurts.


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