16 June 2015

I Just Had an Epiphany

I was talking with my wife, and she asked how many people were running for the Republican Presidential nomination, so we went to the Wiki, and we came up with a count, 16, possibly as many as 19. (List with status key after the break)

She then asked how many Democrats are running, and I said 3, Clinton, Sanders, and O'Malley.

She jokingly suggested that I change parties to Republican, because I had more charges, and I replied, "Nope.  I want to vote against Hillary Clinton. ……… No, that's not actually true. I want to vote for Bernie Sanders."

And then it hit me:  I actually want to vote for Bernie Sanders.

This is the first time that I've actually wanted to vote for a Presidential candidate in at least a dozen years.

It's a strange feeling. ……… It's a good feeling, but it's a strange feeling.

List of 'Phant candidates.
  1. Jeb Bush*
  2. Ben Carson*
  3. Ted Cruz*
  4. Carly Fiorina*
  5. Lindsey Graham*
  6. Mike Huckabee*
  7. George Pataki*
  8. Rand Paul*
  9. Rick Perry*
  10. Marco Rubio*
  11. Rick Santorum*
  12. Donald Trump*
  13. Bobby Jindal
  14. Scott Walker
  15. Chris Christie
  16. John Kasich
  17. Bob "Badhair" Ehrlich
  18. Jim Gilmore
  19. Peter King
* = Officially running
† = To make it official shortly.
‡ = Formed a PAC or a 529, so basically running, if not for President, then for Veep.
€ = Made noises, but nothing official.


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